About the project
Germany-based Handelsjournal estimated in 2015 that the market share of online shops in Germany will almost double from currently 8.5 % to about 15 % in the year 2025. This development makes it clear that companies are in need for specialists in the field of e-commerce. Up to now there are only very little training possibilities for young people in this field. The vocational schools Staatliche Berufsschule II Bayreuth, SPS el-it Dobruska and Landesberufsschule Tschuggmall Brixen (Scuola Professionale Provinciale Tschuggmall di Bressanone) have formed a strategic partnership in order to develop training concepts for this emerging sector and thus give students new employment and career opportunities.
The acclaimed objective of the project is to develop innovative, learner-centered, action-based materials which are designed to foster the digital competence of our students. This includes the following abilities:
  • developing a spirit of entrepreneurship- setting up and administrating an online shop- processing orders and communicating with customers online- evaluating shop performance, calculating key figures (e.g. conversion rate)- monitoring and evaluating website traffic- planning and implementing (online) marketing for e-commerce including search engine optimisation- creating graphic designs and content for use in e-commerce- reading and interpreting HTML code of existing websites- coding a basic internet site in HTML and CSS- publishing HTML content to the web
The materials will be thoroughly tested in three learning activities which will be hosted by the participating schools and then openly published to the project website. Furthermore a platform will be implemented in order to make the setup of multiple onlineshops for in-classroom use easy for teachers.

The partners

Staatliche Berufsschule Bayreuth

Äußere Badstraße 32
D-95448 Bayreuth

Landesberufsschule Tschuggmall Brixen

Fischzuchtweg 18
I-39042 Brixen Italy

SPSelit Dobruška - Střední průmyslová škola elektrotechniky a informačních technologií

Čs.odboje 670,
+518 01 Dobruška
Czech Republic


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