Fit for E-Commerce
How to write for this book
The structure of the book should be as follows:


Chapters represent a unit for a specific topic. The original application stated the following topics/chapters:
  • Setup of an online shop
  • Facilitating online marketing
  • Basics of Internet programming

Structure of a chapter

The sub-structure of a chapter should be as follows:
  • Competences
    • Professional competences
    • Other competences
  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson materials - students
  • Lesson materials - teachers
Here is some more info on what to write under these points:


Competences should be written in the following syntax:
The student administrates - an online shop - without assistance from their teacher.
The competence is structured in three parts (bold):
Word type
States the action which will be done by the student or which the student is supposed to be able to do after the unit.
States the object which is affected by the action of the student.
adjectives and adverbs
State on which level of difficulty the student will complete the action
Diagram: Structure of a competence
Example competences: The student...
  • uploads files to the website with guidance from the teacher.
  • edit and create basic HTML tags autonomously.
  • collect the different Internet protocol types from the Internet.

Lesson plan

Create a description for teachers on how the lesson should be used.
State technical requirements needed for the lesson (e.g. software which was used, possible alternatives for the software for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux). Also state the knowledge and skills required from the teachers.
The methodology of the project is: 1. Facilitating learner-centered learning experiences. 2. Facilitating action-based learning experiences. 3. Focusing on fostering digital competence.