Fit for E-Commerce

Professional competences

The students:
  1. 1.
    develop an own business idea in a team
  2. 2.
    know which technical requirements are needed in order to start an online shop
  3. 3.
    administrate a webshop independently
  4. 4.
    understand the concept of frontend and backend of the shop
  5. 5.
    work confidently in the web browser using tabs to open the front- and backend and to test the effect of changes immediately
  6. 6.
    setup the basic configuration of the pre-installed webshop
  7. 7.
    add contact data and legal terms and conditions
  8. 8.
    add employees to the shop team with different roles
  9. 9.
    set up employee roles as a safety measure against unwanted changes to the shop, downtimes or other malfunction of the shop
  10. 10.
    add products to the shops's product portfolio
  11. 11.
    add attractive product images at a suitable resolution, basically edited and optimised
  12. 12.
    add prices and shipping rates depending on the kind of product
  13. 13.
    add available product variations like e.g. sizes, colours
  14. 14.
    add meaningful product descriptions considering the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO)
  15. 15.
    develop a logical, customer-friendly structure for the offerings in the shop by adding product categories
  16. 16.
    set up a logical navigation for the shop based on the categories
  17. 17.
    test the functionality of the shop especially regarding customer orders
  18. 18.
    process orders using the built-in functionality of the shop
  19. 19.
    create paper documentation of the order process
  20. 20.
    deal with customer requests regarding the orders in English using email
  21. 21.
    evaluate the shop's performance
  22. 22.
    calculate basic key figures (e.g. conversion rate) using the tools of the online shop software

Other competences

The students
  1. 1.
    make use of learning resources and documentation available online
  2. 2.
    learn independently from online resources as well as from other team members
  3. 3.
    collaborate in an [international] team [using the second language English]
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